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Desperately Seeking Health

Saving my life with the Keto diet

Hello! My name is Michelle Lawson and I live, work and play in Sacramento, the capital of my beloved home state of California. I have been significantly overweight for most of my adult life. Like many of us, my behavior pattern is to become resolved to get slender and healthy, stick with it for a while then "relapse" into old behavior, usually putting any weight I lost back on, sometimes plus more. Over the last two years I've lost 35lbs on my own but seem to have stalled because baked goods. Can anyone relate? Does anyone have a habit of diving headfirst into a pecan pie?

Don't judge me.

Enter WW, formerly Weight Watchers. I've had success with their program before. It allows for sweets in moderation. Moderation has always been my Kryptonite though. Moderation to me means to stop eating sweets when the sugar induced headache and nausea hits. Its a good day when I don't "lose my cookies" (literally!)But I'm going to do my best to learn because at my (ahem) age I'm starting to feel the effects of years of being overweight, namely gasping "ohhh. ahhh, ouch" when rising from a chair (or walking through a bakery).

Here I will chronicle my progress, sometimes through smiles and excitement, sometimes through sobs and fury, and share recipes and other great ideas without giving out WW proprietary information (points values for food, point limits for the day based on weight, etc). My goal is to do this without being dragged into court. Though my sister is a court reporter so hey, I might end up in her courtroom, which would be very weird.

Please enjoy, and be sure to comment (once I get the comment section up and running!).

October 18, 2019

Day 1: Here we go....

For those who don't know how WW works, each food you eat has a point value. You eat the way you want, as long as you stay at or below your point range. I signed up for online tools only, which allows me to track my meals. Next month I will start going to meetings as well, for support. My sister and brother in law go and I'd like to go with them. We live together so our entire world will be WW lol.